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Domestic Brew HaHa

We joined another family to eat at Culpepper's in Creve Coeur the other night. I asked the waiter about beer possibilities, and he told me he'd give me the happy hour rate even though we were sitting in the restaurant. Great, so I picked the Schlafly Hefeweizen and started looking over the menu.

The waiter returns to tell me that the happy hour rate is only for domestic beer, and they don't consider Schlafly to be a domestic brewery. And whom do they consider domestic? Budweiser of course.

If you're from St. Louis, you're aware that InBev is trying really, really hard to buy Anheuser-Busch.

InBev is in Belgium, which is across the river from St. Louis (across the ocean too, but I don't need to go that far to make my point). Busch is pretty much at the river, and is (according to Google) 13.9 miles from the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Culpepper's Schlafly is made in Kirkwood (yes, I asked the waiter), which is 9.3 miles from the restaurant.

So, in spite of its Teutonic title, its Aryan appellation, its German gastronomy, the hefeweizen beer is more neighborly than the Bud beer that they're passing off as (ha!) domestic. Come on, it had to travel a good 4 miles further than the Schlafly to get to my table!