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Hockey Camp -- orientation

I spent most of the morning working on "the book", but got a much needed haircut too. I checked in at 2 PM with the CAN/AM people, got my Jersey (very cool), socks, and program. At 2:45 there was an orientation and we got to meet the other people here. There are 3 on-ice coaches, one of whom works with goalies. The other two (Rodger and JF) will work with the rest of us, and they seem great -- experienced and determined to teach us and have some fun.

Surprisingly I am not the oldest person here. There is a guy here who is 66 years old who is returning to hockey after not playing for 5 years or so. To my relief, the other people should not be too far above my level. Most have either started hockey in the past 7 years, or are returning after not playing a while. There is one guy who is probably much better than the rest of us, but I'll just try to learn from him as well.

We have a lecture at 6 PM and then we get on the ice for the first time at 7.