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Hockey Camp -- first session

We started last night with a stretching drill in the hallway, followed by a 2 hour ice time. The time was divided into power skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting. I was pretty beat by the time the session was over.

We then met for a happy hour and snack food. It's kind of funny, because the stretching instructor talked to us about the value of eating right, and there we were drinking beer and eating snack food. I guess carbs are carb. I like beer, but my stomach was at DefCon 3 after the 2 hour session, so I stuck with water.

I had a great time, and most of what we were doing was above my head, but I think that's a good thing. There are only 14 of us, but as yet we're not getting much individual help with things we're doing wrong. And I'm doing a lot wrong. But when I ask for help, the instructors are great about trying to fix things.