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Hockey Camp -- day three

It occurred to me this morning that it's hard to find time to eat anything substantial at hockey camp. The ice sessions occur not too long after you might eat breakfast or lunch, and then by dinner, it's kind of late to eat anything heavy. I guess this is a good thing, but it's made me think about eating small things almost continuously throughout the day. Lots of bananas (so sore!).

Today we also have two ice sessions, and things went pretty much as they did Friday. There was more scrimmaging today, but we moved to 4 on 4. With just 2 subs, this gets tiring pretty quick, but we moved to the NHL (narrower, shorter) sheet of ice in the morning. There was another chalk talk in the afternoon, with great ideas about plays that work well when a team can pull them off. Dry land (in a bit of rain) was great again too, and we took those ideas to the ice again in the afternoon.

There was a "banquet" in the evening, which was steak, chicken, salad, corn -- the most food we have eaten really since arriving at camp. It was great, and then there was a kind of awards session. The coaches said a lot of nice things about all of us -- they've been very positive throughout. They told us (and said this was truthful) that they had never seen a group improve to the extent that we did in such a short period of time.

It's been a great experience for me. Sometimes after swimming and bobbing around in the ocean, or riding a bunch of roller coasters, you get the sensation of still doing those things as you go to sleep. I've had that happen the past few nights, and I've been dreaming a lot about hockey.

Tomorrow is our last session, which I may cut short to try to get to the airport a bit earlier to catch an earlier flight. Otherwise I don't get home until close to midnight.