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Metro Weakest Link

I went to the Blues game last night, and decided to lower my carbon footprint and blood pressure by taking Metro Link. No problem getting to the game.

But on the way home, I waited on the platform while 2 trains in a row came by headed for the airport. I needed a train heading to Shrewsbury.

When the 2nd train arrived, the platform manager told us we should use that train and get off at Forest Park to wait for the Shrewsbury train. This made no sense to me since it's just one set of tracks, and the Shrewsbury train would have to pass through the station where we were, but we did it anyway.

Waiting at Forest Park, another train for the airport came through. I asked the platform metro policeperson if there would be any Shrewsbury trains that night, and he had me use the platform phone to talk with the dispatcher. By now there were many people waiting.

I called the dispatcher, and she told me that the string of 3 trains for the same destination was normal and was on the schedule. But I looked on the web at the schedule, and she was wrong: the trains are supposed to alternate destinations on the schedule.

The trip home took nearly an hour, and I have entirely new thoughts about using Metro Link. I've used it 3 times to go to the Blues game. The first time, during an ice/snow storm, the trains shut down going home and we had to wait nearly 2 hours for a taxi to take us home. The 2nd time was fine, and then there was last night.

You would think, with Highway 40 shut down in spots, and a Blues game going on, the Metro Link people would make sure trains are going where they should.