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Festival of Lights and a Miracle

For at least the past 16 years -- since my arrival in St. Louis -- the intersection of Warson and Ladue roads has needed a traffic light to facilitate traffic during rush hour. Much of the congestion, particularly in the afternoon, is due to the school at that intersection, MICDS (Mary Institute Country Day School, a private school). It has been my understanding as communicated from my neighbors that Ladue (the small municipality where we live in St. Louis county) has been saying all these years that MICDS should pay for the traffic light, and MICDS wants Ladue to pay for it.

I don't often need to traverse that intersection, but whenever I do at rush hour, I am struck by the phenomenal waste of time just because the Right Thing can't be done. I've thought about how I should contact City Hall, organize a rally, and write a folk song to get the traffic light installed. But I never did anything of the sort.

And lo, a miracle! Because the highway construction project on Highway 40 (that's I-64 to you nonlocal people) will cause said highway to be shut down for a long period of time, the project included funds to put traffic lights on the East-West arteries to facilitate traffic flow during construction.

As a result, traffic lights have sprouted up along Clayton Road, and further West on Ladue Road at Graeser. Those lights are working nicely in spite of no real need for them yet.

A week or two ago, construction began on the traffic light at the intersection featured in this article. Of course, it is not working yet, but seeing the poles and signal lights erected is enough to give me hope.

In the midst of Chanukah, which is seasonally oriented at Winter solstice and thematically associated with (re)dedication, I am thankful for the increased light, particularly traffic lights, and I seek to rededicate myself to worthy causes. And while there are surely causes more worthy than alleviating traffic congestion, charity begins at (near) home.

Here's wishing you also the benefits of increased light.


Very nicely written.

Posted by: Tammy Hensel at January 31, 2008 7:27 PM