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Blues time

Even if you are a skeptic, you'd probably have to agree that the Blues have done many things to win back fans.

The players have made numerous public appearances -- for charities, to deliver some season tickets -- and they genuinely want people to return to hockey.

I remember the baseball strike in 1994, after which the Cardinals took some steps to bring fans back to the ballpark. They gave away some free stuff, put on an ad campaign, and basically made the action between the pitches more interesting.

But the Cardinals didn't have to improve all that much as a team to win fans back.

The Blues, on the other hand, coincidentally following the hockey lockout, were decimated by a sell-off to reduce the team's value in preparation for a sale, and floundered under a weak coach.

The new leadership has turned things completely around. Fans are shown consideration, a new coach was hired who seems to be working wonders with the team, and the new owner is willing to spend money wisely to improve and invest in the team's talent for now and for the long run.

The games are fun again: the stadium is almost full, the players are fast and more confident, and the goaltending has been phenomenal. St. Louis baseball was disappointing this year; football is turning out the same way; this is the year for hockey to show its best side in St. Louis. Go Blues!