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Cook's Crisis

I enjoy reading, especially when on a trip, and I had the chance to read Robin Cook's Crisis on my way with family to a wedding last weekend.

I am a big fan of Cook's books, and he has had a long string of successes. Reading Crisis, I was gripped by the story and the writing, until I reached almost the end of this (rather long for Robin Cook) book. The ending was just downright unbelievable, and in this case, the murder was pinned on the guy whose occupation (concierge medical practice) was on Robin Cook's soapbox for this book. Coincidence?


I also enjoy Cook's books, despite my abject fear of doctors and hospitals, but haven't had a chance to check this one out yet. In general I think he is sometimes a little heavy-handed with his messages (although nothing compared to Michael Crichton in his anti-global-warming tirade masquerading as a novel) but usually for the good of the story.

Posted by: Chris Hill Festival at September 7, 2007 4:49 PM