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Blog reborn

I haven't posted in so long that I forgot my password! I've had a lot to say but not the inclination to write about most of it, but I'll try to start some things up here and rekindle my posting habit if possible.

Summer's almost over. Our family took RV Trip V, this year to Washington DC. The weather was decent and we got to see almost everything we had hoped to see in DC. We visited Viriginia Beach, the Smokie Mountains, and Nashville on our way back. With the kids aging into adulthood, it's looking like this might be our last RV trip as a family, but we'll see what happens next year.

I've been working feverishly to help my wife put a band method book she wrote into electronic form. Along the way I met Lilypond, a wonderful open source tool for typesetting music. I rediscovered m4, the macro processor, and had my usual fun with latex and tex. The book is finished and will be used this Fall in the beginning Ladue band program.

At Wash U, things are very different, at least from my perspective. School is about to start, and I'm a freshmen floor advisor once again (I did this about 3 years ago and I found it very rewarding and worthwhile). I'm teaching a course I haven't taught in a while, but it's squarely in my research area and I'm looking forward to teaching it again. Our School has a new Dean, and there have been many changes made and even more afoot that will likely reshape life around our School and department.

We will have two kids in high school, and one in elementary school, which will finally bring our schools:kids ratio below 1.

I'll finish up now -- I need to work up to my previous blogging spamina -- I mean, stamina.