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Couldn't they carpool?

Washington University's food service announced its plans for a "low-carbon diet" by removing items from the menu that require a lot of transportation which, in turn, emits a lot of carbon dioxide.

For example, tomatoes out of season may not find their way onto hamburgers.

But what about bananas? Don't they have to travel from far-flumg places? And, if so, why can't the tomatoes carpool with the bananas? They should get along. Both bruise easily, so they should allow each other plenty of elbow room. They don't really compete for prominence on the same foods.

And, finally, if they want to reduce global warming, maybe they should shorten our lecture periods: we professors expel a considerable amount of hot air.


Can the professors do anything about this? I was hoping it was not true. I like tomatoes!

Posted by: DrTall at June 18, 2007 10:58 PM