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Wht happened to the Grand Old Party?

I've never been a party-aligned voter. I've always looked at candidates for who they are rather than to what party they belong. But I do miss the kinds of alternatives the GOP used to offer. I'm talking about candidates who favored states' rights, small federal government, and responsible spending. These are ideals in which one can find some good no matter how unRepublican you may feel.

Somehow the extreme Right has taken over the GOP, and the bad thing for us non-party-aligned voters is that the new GOP doesn't really offer much we can like anymore. Too bad.


I agree completely. The party has been taken over by the extremes. But I would definitely vote for a Republican that came along claiming they wanted to be fiscally conservative, and keep the government out of our business. When did the Republicans become the party of invading privacy?

Posted by: Nathan at October 24, 2006 2:32 PM