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Catching up

I'm watching game 7 of the NLCS and it's tied 1-1. Maybe we'll win, maybe we won't.

I had my back go out on Tuesday for my usual 3-year recurrence of that form of fun. Meds, stretching, ice, heat, and I was back on my feet Wednesday. A little crooked at first, but evenly balanced by end of the day. I'd blame this on getting old but I've had problems like this since I was a kid. I have been neglecting my workout schedule, electing instead to play taxi driver for kids who sleep too late to take the bus. I'm going back on the wagon (or am I falling off of it?) next week.

Because of said sad back, I missed our first hockey game. For those few of you who follow this sort of thing, I've moved from the Blast to the Gladiators. I will miss the old team -- a great group of people -- but I needed a team more into practice and playing C (lower) level. Turns out the Blast went for C this year, so it might have worked out if I had stayed, but I moved in Summer and things are going OK there.

Well, back to NLCS -- go CARDS!!!