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Happy Father's Day to Me -- Rainsong Guitar

I just received a guitar I ordered from Ed Roman guitars in Las Vegas. It's a long story --

Beth Schafer visited here and I saw her Rainsong and fell in love with the sound and the idea of the guitar. It's a pure graphite guitar so it's very stable and doesn't suffer from heat and humidity, two things we have plenty of in the midwest. It's incredibly light and has a nice bright full sound. They say it will keep its tune long after other guitars need substantial repair. Pretty amazing.

I was surprised that the two stores in St Louis didn't have much in stock and would have to order one for me and that would take 6 months.

Then I called the manufacturer who told me where some of the guitars I wanted had been sent. I wanted the acoustic/electric dreadnought. Ed Roman guitars in Las Vegas had one and they sent it to me pronto and I played it this evening.