minutia press.
Stanley who?

If you wanted to watch a baseball game, you could probably find our new stadium without much trouble. First, it's so very large. Also, it's located conveniently close to where the old stadium used to stand. If you had trouble finding it, somebody could point you in the right direction.

And if you wanted to watch a game on TV, you could probably find our games on some major channel: maybe a local channel or on ESPNi, for relatively small values of i.

What about hockey?

Yes, May is almost over and June is warming up in the bull pen, but hockey is still being played. The Stanley Cup is in dispute as the teams that made it to playoffs (sans our Blues) duke it out.

Can you guess where you would find hockey on TV? Would you believe that almost all of the playoff games are being shown on the Outdoor Life Network?

On a web page proclaiming the virtues of propane, this network shows its offerings in the areas of: action sports, field sports, bulls and rodeos, and...the NHL. Now, bulls, action sports, field sports---and, of course, propane---seem like things that belong outdoors.

Hockey? It can be played outdoors, but in most places, and especially at this time of year, it's something that should be kept indoors.

OLN, I'm grateful to you for giving us hockey fans something to watch while baseball begins, basketball hogs all the attention, and even football training camps prove to be more newsworthy than hockey.

OLN is really into this hockey thing. There are no games played tonight, so they are featuring:

  • Lord Stanley's Cup
  • Legends of Hockey
  • Youngbllod

The latter is a movie that they are showing ad nauseum to keep our blood pressure up and our attention riveted until the next actual game.

What next, OLN? I suggest "Indoor Soccer".