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Potty parity

There was a story about the new Busch stadium and how there aren't the same number of toilets (I like to think of them as "relief pitchers") for women as for men. The Busch Stadium people claimed they didn't know about the Missouri law, passed (so to speak) in 1995, that requires potty parity in sports srenas and other such places.

I wonder why architects aren't aware of the need for these kinds of facilities, law or no law, given the long ones one sees for restrooms of the female persuasion. Isn't this just common sense?

But finally they say that they will even the potty count but not right away.

Hey, when nature calls, you can't wait. I suggest that, in the interim, the stadium offer a bedpan facility, delivered right to your seat, so that you don't have to miss the game. Moreover, these bedpans can be pansexual (so to speak -- I never understood the term unisexual) and do (ahem) double duty.

They could even charge a modest fee for this immodest service (pan on call? pan-demonium?) and use the proceeds to construct new water closets or take away excess urinals.

Waste not, want not.