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Delayed Blast

Well, only one person besides my daughter showed up for our game last night, but maybe that's good, because our game was not at the time we thought it was. Both teams and referees showed up for the 7:45 game, but the Mills told us our game was at 9 PM. It's probably an HNA error, which means that we won't have any recourse or apology or anything, but that's life.

We lost 9 to 2, but if you look at the score sheet, you'll notice a player on the other team, #77, who scored almost half of their team's goals and was an assist on almost all the others.

This is exactly the problem with our league this year. The guy who runs the league, Mark Gamache, well intentioned though he is, thinks that

Excellent + Bad Players = Mediocre Players

But the way it works, an excellent player can dominate the play ever time he or she is out there. You can see this in our score sheet from last night. The above equation doesn't hold, but how do you convince a guy who runs this league that the teams should be more fairly constructed?

Also, I can't figure out what kind of player gets joy out of skating circles around C-level skaters, going end to end, and scoring 4 goals in a game without much help from his team. Hint: #77

We're trying to play Summer hockey so if you want to come see us play this Summer, leave me a reply or watch our web page for the schedule.


I'd definitely come see you guy play.

Posted by: Nathan at March 29, 2006 11:03 PM