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Big Fat Geek Bat Mitzvah

We just had a lot of family in town to help celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of our middle kid. It was such a great weekend. Relatives and friends came from all around, one kid and dad from Dublin Ireland!

My kid did a great job, and she learned her stuff by first learning the musical language of "trope" and then teaching herself how to sing.

Too much food, so much fun, and it went by so fast.

We made a video from clips we had using iMovie. The movie came out fine but I learned about the many bugs in iMovie, and I was surprised to read on the 'net that others find it buggy too. Usually Apple software is reliable, but iMovie crashed left and right. It trained me to avoid the gestures that precipitate failure, so in the end I got it to work, but it was not as much fun as it could have been.

I'll try to keep posting more often...