minutia press.
Brandts, where have you gone?

We went by Brandts last night hoping to hear some good music, have some cheese/fruit for dessert, and have some nice coffee and tea.

The place has changed. There are no longer any groceries for sale, but the entire place is devoted to a bar and restaurant. OK, so far not so bad.

They won't sit us at a table if we just want dessert and coffee, even though they have many empty tables. They hold those now for people who will order more food.

OK, so we sit on a pair of nice comfortable chairs in front of some nice jazz piano/vocalist music. The server brings by the dessert tray but we tell her we just want fruit and cheese. She comes back tellingus they don't serve tht any more.

OK how about some Chai or nice coffee? No, they don't do that either.

But if you want a $10 martini they'll be glad to serve you.

Brandts was the only place of its kind and it seemed to me it was busy enough with people who wanted a place to sit and enjoy good music and food. It is no more, sad to say.