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Chief Justice nominee hearings

Have you been listening to the hearings for John Roberts? It's been on NPR the past two days, and I found it fascinating. On one hand, there is a lot of bluster in each question, as each senator tries to make his or her "meta" point. But Roberts's answers to the questions have been for me very illuminating concerning how justices think about problems and the Supreme Court has been guided by its charge and by cases that set precedent.

When I was an undergrad at Rice, I took a constitutional law course from [the amazing] "Doc C" and he presented cases in pairs where the Supreme Court would decide one way at one point but then another way on a similar case at another point.

I was worried that Bush was going to appoint a judge with an agenda inline with conservative politicians but I feel pretty good about Roberts as a fair judge. I also learned a lot about stare decisis.