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Harry Potter

So everybody is posting and so will I. I read the book en route to Colorado and had it read in just a couple of days. I thought it read more like a screenplay than a book, and in my head I still think of it as another one of the movies.

I am so sick of the Ron/Hermoine bantering -- it's gone on just too long and takes up too much energy and too many pages.

I also was very dubious about Dumbledore's demise. I kept thinking he would pop up and say "just kidding". My daughters were very disappointed he died, but somehow they knew it was happening because of something they read on the Internet before the book came out.

I was fairly happy with book 6 and am looking forward to book 7. It's not Shakespeare but it's fun reading.


Snape is not evil. He just plays an evil man on T.V. I do think that Dumbledore is dead dead (not just mostly dead). The books have become less character driven and more story driven, which is sad, but a logical result of the economies surrounding the story.

Posted by: Chris2 at August 18, 2005 3:59 PM