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Daylight Saving Crime -- or, the grinch who stole halloween

I did not realize that an energy bill was in progress, but evidently President Bush just signed one into law. One of its provisions was to extend the duration of Daylight Saving Time by 4 weeks, starting in 2007. Seems like a harmless bit of legislation, but I don't think he had the children in mind when he did this.

The way things are now, DST always ends before Halloween -- it's guaranteed to do so, and this means that when the little ones go trick or treating, they can pretty much count on early darkness.

Not any more.

In 2007, DST will end at 2 AM Nov 4, so unless the trick-or-treating lasts a really long time, it will be over before DST is over, and it will be unnaturally light outside.

This is a shame, a travesty, and I think we should amend the constitution or something so Halloween can again become the fun and after-dark holiday it should be.