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Weird, wacky month

It's been one weird wacky month. June, she'll change her tune (does anybody out there recognize that song?). I've been feeling kind of numb lately for many reasons. There are projects going on around the house that are somewhat amusing. After 12 years in this house of Super White 02 paint, my wife has decided she needs color and so she went nuts and had the rooms upstairs painted various colors. To wit, one bathroom is powder blue and the other lime green. The Bub's room is now yellow, white, royal blue (matches SpongeBob kinds of things), and our room got painted some color I don't even know. It's kind of silver, blue, I can't really say. It looks like white unless you see it against the ceiling. Then in the basement, we knocked out a wall and merged a bedroom with a play area to make a bigger play area.

Outside, one tree fell of its own accord another will be coaxed down soon to make way for a new driveway and electric dog fence technology for KoKo Pelli Cytron, DinD (our dog).

Yes change is in the air folks.