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iPod to mother ship restore?

We had to send my kids' iBook back to Apple so they can lavish some of that Apple Care on it and fix its hard drive, display, and possibly its mother board.

It came back reinstalled (with the same OS it had, not the new one, those bums), and so all the music got wiped. I tried to save the music before sending it in, but kept getting hard drive failures.

Question: the music is all on the iPod. Is there a way to restore it to the iBook? Last time we tried this, the iPod synch'ed itself with the iBook and wiped itself clean. I remember trying to play geek and mounting the iPod as a separate disk, but then the files are not in iTunes format and they're named strangely with some kind of index. I guess I could write a program, but I hoping there's an easier way.

Also, my daughter bought some iTunes stuff. Can this be transferred to the newly installed iBook?

Any help greatly appreciated. My daughter will think you're a hero. She may name her iBook after you.


I think there's a switch in iTunes you can flip off to avoid having it auto sync when the ipod is plugged in. Also, you could google for one of these programs that will copy files to/from ipods. I know they exist for windows, but don't know if they do for macs, although I'm sure someone's done it. Otherwise I think you're stuck navigating the phantom folders to try to copy it all back. Messy, but it can be done.

Posted by: James at May 20, 2005 9:28 AM

I recently copied all of my music off of my iPod back to the hard drive. I don't remember what program I used, but all I did was google for "copy music off ipod" and found a whole bunch of stuff. And this was on a Mac, so it can be done.

Posted by: Nathan at May 20, 2005 11:19 AM