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Bad Blogger

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been a little hectic. Not much really to report. Exegy (start up where I work two days a week) moved to a spiffy new office and a great location. It's 2.5 miles from Webster Groves ice rink, and not too far from anything. The office space is amazing. We have a lot more room, and we have to get up and look around the corner to see if somebody is in now.

Two students of mine just defended their theses admirably: Scott Friedman and Tobias Mann. Scott's going off to frozen MN for a job and to be near his fiancee; Tobias is going to Houston to go to med school.

We just had Dan Nichols at our Temple and I got to play piano with him. It was awesome. I miss hockey though I've been trying to keep up with skating. That's about it.