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Vegas Baby

I am not much of a Las Vegas person, but only becaues of the smoke. If they could take all the other bad habits people perfect there and keep those, but lose the smoking, I'd be in for sure.

Betsy and I met my brother and parents in Las Vegas last weekend to help my Dad celebrate his 80th birthday. My brother did most of the planning, and the trip was most excellent. We all had a great time. The weather was beautiful, the food copious, and the show we saw was unbelievable.

But the most amazing thing happened. I work with one of my former students, Mike Henrichs at Exegy, and I asked if anybody wanted me to place a bet for them. Mike wanted $5 put on #24 on the roulette table. His football jersey was #48, but they don't offer 48 on the wheel so he picked 24.

Betsy and I had this ethical discussion last time we went to Vegas: what would happen if even one quarter brought in a lot of money for a bet you do on behalf of somebody? You'd feel bad keeping it (well you might get over it, but that's not nice); you'd feel bad giving it all away too. So last time we agreed that we'd match any bet and thus split losses/wins.

The #24 is my jersey number when I try to play hockey for the Blast . I was surprised we were able to pick our number, and when somebody asked me, I didn't have a better answer than 24, as that's Nick Leidenfrost's number when he played for Wash U, and he's the guy who got me interested in skating and hockey.

So I sauntered over (slunk was more like it, I never played roulette before) to the table, and the wheel was already in motion. It turns out I could have placed my bet then, but I waited. I asked for $10 in chips, put the $10 chips on #24, and just sat there not even looking at thw wheel, figuring it was a lost cause.

My brother grabs my shoulder and tells me I won. If course I think he's pulling my leg, but then I realized it was my shoulder, so it must be so.

Vegas baby! I was so money and I didn't even know it.


That has to be one of the best parts of living in LA (at least temporarily). No smoking in public venues :) You can go out to a bar/club/whatever and not come out smelling like crap. I wish more states would enact similar laws...

Posted by: Ro at April 19, 2005 12:07 PM

You saw Mystere??? I have the soundtrack from that show and love it! I like just about anything Cirque du Soleil does, but Mystere has the best music. I never thought I would like Vegas (I don't gamble, hate smoke) but I had a marvelous time on both trips. I spent New Year's weekend there at the Golden Nugget. Wonderful hotel. Rang in the new year at the Freemont Street party. Saw Morris Day and the Time and BTO. But the best thing that weekend was seeing the Blue Man Group. That is a wonderful show. I highly recommend it for your next venture into Vegas! Very esoteric, just slightly off center and fun . . . our kind of humor. Glad you were a winner.

Posted by: Dana at April 19, 2005 1:43 PM

I have the soundtrack too -- bought it some years ago last time I saw the show. It's great. We saw Blue Man Group in NYC and laughed our heads off.

Posted by: rkc at April 20, 2005 7:18 AM