minutia press.
Sad goings on

Our city was just treated to a situation that is all to common: an estranged husband gunned down his wife and the people she happened to be with at tte time. Her kids attend school in our district, and the schools have been trying to cope with the grief and questions we all have about this awful thing.

The estranged husband led police on a big car chase that culminated in his car jumping the road and crashing to his death.

The guy had beaten his wife many times before; she left him; she obtained a restraining order. The papers said she did everything she was supposed to do in this kind of situation to avoid harm, except go into seclusion.

The paper went on to talk about several women who are now serving time in prison for killing their abusive husbands. Evidently the killings were not immediately in self defense. There is a group trying to obtain the women's freedom.

In one-fourth of all married couples, there is an abusive spouse. The abuse cuts across religions, wealth, and political inclinations.

Isn't there something we can do about this???