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Science and the bible

My apologies to the handful of you out there who read this blog from time to time. I haven't posted in a while. My wife had a bout of some scary bad health but I think things are on the mend now, so I'm back to posting. In an effort to be efficient, I'll do one post now that combines the NHL lockout and the site David pointed out for the creationist museum, with of course the usual nod to science.

If the story of the Jews' exit from Egypt had been set in a more northern climate, then when Moses held his staff out, the water would have turned to ice and the Jews could have skated their way to freedom. I suppose that the Egyptians in pursuit would have to fall through the ice to meet their doom instead of being swallowed up by the water.

So this of course begs the question of which takes more energy (calories): blowing a tunnel through the Sea of Reeds or turning the top inch or two to ice so we could skate across?

On the theme of skating, the Blast are making a comeback, having won our last two games. If you want to read an interesting post by our opponents of two games ago, take a look here , and scroll down to "One Man Show with help".