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Nine north coffee not

A new coffee shop opened on Sarah, just North of Forest Park Parkway. I tried it once on the way to Wash U to get something to eat. I tried some kind of raisin bread twisty thing, but it was very stale.

Then I thought I'd try it later in the afternoon for coffee, since coffee was their last name. They have a machine (like the ones you see in airports) that makes coffee, latte, etc at the push of a button. By contrast, Northwest Coffee roasts the beans, grinds the beans, packs the grounds into those cups, attach them to the steam/water producing machine. A much classier operation.

So I go into 9 N Coffee and ask the woman behind the counter if they have soy -- I'm somewhat lactose intolerant. She barked back "no", but then turned and asked her colleague who said that they did. The coffee was ready in about 10 seconds, and I grabbed a rice krispie treat to go. The rice krispie treat was incredibly stale.

Two strikes, they're out.


Oh Ron, I wish that I could share with you the joys of Full City Roasters in Eugene. Similar in style to Northwest Coffee, with a happy staff that love their customers.

The daily feeding of an addiction is important, and shouldn't be left in the hands of amateurs.

Posted by: Chris at January 11, 2005 12:59 PM

The guy who runs Northwest Coffee came from the Northwest, so maybe that's why it's so good. If only they had the good muffins they used to have from Carolyn's.

Posted by: rkc at January 11, 2005 9:27 PM