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Parking Lot Vultures

You probably know the phenomenon of the slow moving car creeping through a parking lot looking for a premium space. The driver looks furtively for a shopper exiting the mall in hopes that said shopper will deposit the goods and depart in the vehicle so near the mall that the driver will be the envy of all around.

I was at Bally's this morning, and the lot was about 1/4 full. Sure, the spots near the gym were taken. But I was surprised that when I exited, this two-seater BMW started backing up as I went forward, in hopes of getting a great parking space.

Come on, this is a gym. It's virtuous to walk from a far away space. The driver actually seemed disgusted with me that I cut through to another aisle and departed in a car parked relatively far away (I don't mind the walk, and I hate to wait to park).