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Lucas and Chris

Whoever thinks blogging is dead hasn't been keeping up with the banter between Chris and Lucas, as they joust verbally and strategically for superiority in NFL picks. Lucas also points to this site as certain to amuse, and I couldn't agree more. As has been said (in English translation from the original Japanese) on the Iron Chef, "You are sure to lose your youth with this." Perhaps you can guess what the original Japanese must have said.

Who will win the battle of NFL picks? Will Lisa emerge as the voice of wisdom behind Lucas's picks? Will Lucas's dislocated thumbs (from Halo 2) hamper his judgement? Will Chris's father in his visit to watch the Chiefs-Patriots game give Chris the inside edge on picks: "Chris, you've been like a son to me; let's talk about your NFL picks and reclaim our family's honor".

Who's pick-machine will reign supreme?