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Deleting Private Ryan

I haven't seen "Saving Private Ryan" so I was looking forward to seeing the movie tonight on TV. Sure I know I can get the DVD, but there's something about seeing a movie "fresh" on TV with commercials and stuff.

Just as the movie was to air, the local station ran something that said they wouldn't carry the movie because of some federal guidelines about violence or something like that.

Maybe I'll go get equipment to project the movie on the side of a dumpster.


That was a close call. One problem with television is that kids are always trying to imitate what they see on it. At least, that's the one of the arguments that censorship proponents like to give. I can't imagine anything more diastarous than hundreds of kids landing on the beaches of Normandy.

Posted by: Chris2 at November 12, 2004 8:51 AM

Wow! Even in the thoroughly red state of Arkansas, where I live, the Little Rock ABC affiliate ran the show. I had never seen the whole movie and was happy to get to watch it with minimal commercial intrusion. I am surprised that the St. Louis affiliate really thought people would be upset by the movie. I was born there and visit at least once a year for Cardinals baseball and believed the town to be fairly enlightened.

Posted by: Mike McMillan at November 12, 2004 10:26 AM

Thanks be to Sinclair Broadcasting, whose previous pre-emptions on KDNL 30 include blocking Ted Koppel's reading of Iraq war dead and airing excerpts of "Stolen Honor," a propaganda piece against Kerry. I'm glad they're looking out for my political and moral well-being.

Posted by: ben at November 13, 2004 1:45 AM

hahaha, I think I've started a dumpster-movie-watching fad.

Posted by: Chris Hill Festival at November 13, 2004 10:49 AM