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IRS--a tool of the rabid right?

The Post Dispatch reported today that the IRS is going after the NAACP because one of their leaders gave a speech that was critical of the Bush administration.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Burke in St Louis has urged voters to consider the candidates' views on abortion and vote according to Catholic doctrine on the subject. A group has filed a complaint with the IRS asking them to take away the St Louis Catholic church's tax-exempt status. But the IRS has not acted on that complaint.

While it seems that the IRS will decide that the NAACP made broad statements that don't endorse a political candidate specifically, they're giving the NAACP a hard time about this. And I thought the IRS (and government generally) were here to help.

In a nod to McCarthy, anything critical said of the Bush administration is unAmerican and apparantly now taxable.

Maybe this is Bush's new plan of how to make the budget work out: he'll tax people who disagree with his views or policies. What a windfall that will produce.