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Cable advice needed

OK, so I'm tired of paying out my nose for SBC DSL service and having it go down every month or so. I called the SBC people and they'll give me $27 a month but I have to buy a year and if I cancel short of the year, I owe them $200. So I called Charter and they can give me super duper service for $29 a month. OR...

They have a triple play package that gives me digital cable (currently have the analog flavor), DSL service, and two phone lines for $110 a month. That sounds steep but it actually saves me money over the two phones with SBC, DSL with SBC and my current cable charge.

Has anybody done the phone over cable thing? Is it rock-solid reliable? I think I should keep one line on SBC because if power drops, the cable thing won't work (I assume) but my phone still will.

Any advice?


I don't know about the cable modem service in the area, but I can tell you that the package is a VERY good price. I'm just wondering if there's a catch -- is it $110 a month for a few months and then it goes up to a "regular" price or something? Or do you also have to pay to rent the equipment (digital receiver, modem, etc.)? All I know is that they definitely cheat you over here in Cambridge. Sigh...

Posted by: Amy at October 24, 2004 8:52 AM

It's the price for a year I believe - the length of the contract. It sounds like a good price. I'm just worried about the quality and reliability of the phone part.

Posted by: rkc at October 24, 2004 11:45 AM