minutia press.

Since the Big Storm from Monday, we had no power at home until last night. So we went about 2 days and 3 nights without power. Luckily, the weather was great and it was no problem sleeping with windows open. The bad part was the darkness and camp-like bedtimes for us all.

One thing I noticed is that people in my neighborhood were outside a lot more. Now we walk every night after dinner. We have a dog now which is all the more reason to walk, but we did it even when we had a dearth of dogs. But while the neighborhood had no power, just about everybody was either outside or near a window talking with people who were outside.

It must have been what things were like before air conditioning. The people in our neighborhood are plenty friendly, but this was something that went beyond the usual.

The power's back on and we're all holed up inside our houses again, in comfort but without the kind of easy conversations that took place when were were all so powerless.