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More on plans

Well those who saw my post below have probably been exploring the web site with the house plans. I admit to having spent many, many hours there before settling on the plans that I like so much.

I wrote the web site to ask them some questions. I couldn't find the laundry room and it turns out it's next to the dining room (physically, but not in a connected kind of way). Also there were no closets in the front hall that I could see; the web site person confirmed this.

More than one response below indicated that there's something very compelling about looking at all these plans. When I was a kid, maybe 4 or 5, I used to think about an amazing house I'd live in someday. The one I had in mind had a swmming pool inside that you could jump into and swim outside. Also, it had a phone that you could shove paper into and it would go somewhere else (I anticipated the fax -- if only I'd known).

So I spent hours at this site and many others with similar plans and capabilities. One thing I found is that I really like the architect known as "23". He or she has a real sense of how to use space. This is why I think we are attracted to house plans. You're given a certain space to work with and you have the challenge to use it the best way possible -- it has to function well but also look nice, and that's a big challenge.

So here's a link to my Best Beloved Plan. In cruising the web site, I discovered that 23 has also created this plan. From what I can tell, 23 has actually built this house, because there are pictures on the web page showing a finished house. The plan inside is identical to Best Beloved Plan, but the outside is too imposing I think. I am sticking with BBP for the time being.

Of course this is all just dreaming....