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Great RV Trip Too

As many of you know, we went on our Great RV Trip last year, heading West to the Grand Canyon, and seeing many interesting things in between. We enjoyed it so much that this year we are packing into a slightly longer and possibly wider RV and heading North to Canada, over to New York, down to the Jersey Shore, and then back again.

We are renting this RV, which is an improvement over last year's model in several respects:

  • The windows are seated in rubber gaskets, so they won't rattle and make noise as you drive.
  • The air conditioning doesnt' just blast from one central point in the ceiling. There is real ductwork running throughout for even, quiet distribution of air.
  • This RV is 3 feet longer than our last one, which gives us a little more room.
  • The front left part of the RV can slide out about 18 inches to give us more room to get around each other as we walk through. Of course, we can't drive the RV in this mode.

Our plan of record is to drive North to Chicago, spending the first night in our friends' driveway. They have a son, by the way, who is a bistate champion at chess. About 5 years ago, when he was about 5, we played and I beat him faster than I intended. I'm not a very good chess player, and I just lucked into it. His Dad thought I must be a great player and the two of them then ganged up against me and I beat them in a handfull of moves with "fool's mate", again lucking into that. I really am not a good chess player. Well, since then, this kid has gotten amazingly better. The last time we played, he didn't just beat me; he went after each of my pieces with the crazed look of vengance in his eyes.

But I digress.

We then head through Michigan, not missing the best delicatessen in Michigan (Zingerman's Deli), and then we head into Canada. We'll stay a while in Toronto and Niagara Falls (slowly I turned: step by step, inch by inch [ask about this if you don't know]).

We'll then drive into NY state and down through the Adirondacks [whose black mud never comes off your boots] to Lake George. We'll stay there a while, then head to Jersey City, the closest RV park to Manhattan. A friend of mine is getting married near there (in Chappaqua). We then go to the Jersey Shore for about a week and start our way back.

I'll take pictures again. I don't think I ever posted my travellog from last year. I'll do that soon.


Okay I'll bite. You wrote:

(slowly I turned: step by step, inch by inch [ask about this if you don't know]).

So I'm asking...

Posted by: Sarah at June 28, 2004 12:22 PM

OK -- I'll put this up as a new post...

Posted by: rkc at June 28, 2004 9:59 PM