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Will Gillett visits

A prof who retired from our department 3 years ago is back visiting. Will Gillett was doing DNA mapping kinds of things when I came here on sabbitcal in 1991 and he was nice (and brave) enough to let me join his group, to do and to learn something different while I was away from IBM. He's a great guy, an amazing teacher, and it's great to have him back around the department. When he left, some of the things he used to do became my responsibility, perhaps by association:

  • I inherited his advisees. Some of them were advisees he had inherited when Rich Dammkoehler retired.
  • I took his place on the "disciplinary committee". This is the SEAS committee that hears cases about cheating. It should be called the "we can't really discipline you unless you've done something very awful or repeatedly committee" because that's pretty much how it works. Of the things I've done in and around the University, this is the one thing over which I'd choose root canal if given the choice. Why?

    • I don't want to think or believe or know or see evidence that students cheat. I want to continue to believe that our students are honorable and would prefer the grade they deserve rather cheat.
    • I would like to think that students and faculty realize there are things more important than a letter on a piece of paper, and that learning is more important than judgement.
    • The committee can't really do what it should when somebody has cheated.

  • I took his place as the preeminent punster of the department.

People thought they were safe when Will left, but I an an incorrigible punster; do not incorrige me!


Ouch... That one was pretty bad. :-P

Posted by: Nathan at May 8, 2004 1:35 PM

While he's here, someone ought to to see if he can he sign off on closing that bank account ACM had from eons ago.

Posted by: ben at May 9, 2004 11:34 AM

The summer of '97 in the DNA lab was one of my best ever. You, Will and the rest of the gang introduced me to sushi, object-oriented c and biological mathematics. Thanks Ron and Will!

Posted by: Chris at May 10, 2004 10:49 AM