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Why faculty (and everyone) should like an honor code

Miranda asks if faculty would like to see Wash U have an honor code. While I can't speak for all faculty (although I am still, techincally, ahem, the speaker of the faculty assembly), I'll give you my take on it.

We don't like having to take really good homework sets and change them just to make something different so students can't use last year's solutions.

We like to think that students are honorable and want to do the work on their own.

The administration may not want to cede control to students in deciding issues of honor, but Rice's experience shows that it works much better that way.

Students may not want the honor code because they can and will get kicked out (for a semester or so) if they cheat.

I'm beginning to believe that cheating is much more widespread than I would have thought, and this isn't good for anybody. A student-run honor code system would nip this in the bud and assure a legacy of honor for our students and their achievements.