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What's my excuse?

It's been so long since I posted that I fell off the Link Bar of Wonders.

Let's see, people have graduated, gone away, but left their fish behind. I didn't attend graduation this year, owing to my wife still working and somebody needing to pick up our pre-schooler. Next year I should be back in the swing of the big ceremony, and I hope to have the proper robes to do it right.

Summer students have started, and we are getting off to a grand start. It's not as large of an operation as I've run before, but I'm not sorry about that. I will enjoy a little more quiet and focus this Summer.

I'm very happy about how my sabbatical schedule's shaping up and I like it so much that I'll give it a trial run this Summer too.

Will Gillett has been visiting these past two weeks, and it's been fun to do lunch with him again, and to think upon days when he was here. He leaves us soon to continue his trip West.