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Shabbat Alive

Last night, our Temple was treated to a special service whose music was provided by Rick Recht. Rick is a St Louis native who has made his fame doing the rock thing with Jewish music. Rick was nice enough to let the "guitar choir" from our temple sit in on the service, and so Ron Steiner and I got to play with the band. It was a transcendant experience. It would have been moving enough (Dayeinu) to have been in the congregation, but to be part of the service was really something special. Rick included the kids' choir, guitar choir, teenage guitarists. He has an amazing voice, but even more so, an amazing sense of liturgy and spirituality.

I'm hoping he'll be at our temple on a more regular basis this coming year. If so I hope you will see what this is all about.


I'm going to see Rick on Sunday 6/20. He's performing as part of the Jewish Arts Festival in Dallas. Looking forward to it based on your glowing review!

Posted by: Dana Shear at June 16, 2004 11:56 AM