minutia press.

A certain festival heralded the last class of Chris's academic career. Yes, after 6 years (4 of undergraduate and 2 of indentured servitude as a grad student), Chris is free.

Today, at around 4:17 PM (CDT), I turned in the last of my 431 grades via EGrade, our new, electronic, grade-submission system. So just after that, say at 4:18, I began my teaching-free period of 15 metric months as I embark on my sabbatical. I have been teaching nonstop as a a regular faculty member since 1993, and I have been teaching here since I took my sabbatical from IBM in 1991. That's 13 years of teaching, 36 classes taught (not counting CS 100), 1620 hours of lecture.

And now I get the next 15 months off from teaching, and I get to work on some projects I've been long wanting to attack. There are papers and proposals to write, students to work with, lots of fun stuff to do.

I'll miss teaching but I am glad to get this break for a year.


Congratulations! You deserve it. I vaguely remember 1993! :)

Posted by: mjuster at May 17, 2004 12:00 AM