minutia press.

On my last trip, I flew a regional jet on which a flight attendant, the only one on the flight, was evidently getting some on-the-job training. She started into the preflight spiel, but was using a script and had to look at it from time to time, so her instructions to us went something like this:

Please make sure your .... [pause while she looked at the instructions] ... seats are in their upright and locked ... [pause while she looked again] ... position.

But then on this trip I just took, I was on a really small prop plane from Santa Fe to Denver. The plane had just one column of seats on each side of the plane, and about 10 rows. The plane was so small, there wasn't any room for a flight attendant. So the copilot gave us the instructions, then she sat down next to the pilot and we took off. They left the door between the flight deck and the cabin open, so we could see the cool stuff they do to take the plane through its paces.