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Chancellor's Gala -- Congratulations Jon Turner!

Last night we went to the Chancellor's Gala, an event that has been described as "Faculty Prom". It was held at the Charles Knight building, in a nice room on the third floor that opens ot a patio area. The weather was great, so many of us spent time outside. The food was excellent and they had a live band (4 or 5 pieces) and many of us danced.

About a month ago, the chair of our department wrote a note encouraging us, as a one-time favor to him, to attend the Gala this year. I had never gone before, but the note convinced me to go this once.

The reason for the encouragement was that our own Jon Turner had been selected to win the Arthur Holley Compton award for outstanding faculty. Congratulations, Jon! I cannot think of a finer professor or colleague.