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My shoes are still there

I've posted before about the great church in Yorktown Heights at which I used to play organ each weekend. Saint Patrick's had their Christmas services and usual Sunday services while I was in New York. It was my great fortune to be able to play mass for them twice each on Chirstmas day and Sunday. On the face of it, this was to help out their primary organist who had played midnight mass the night before, but the truth from my perspective is that it is almost too much fun doing music with these people.

Kath directs the music, plays guitar, and sings; her husband Rick (a physicist by day) plays awesome piano and guitar. The music for Christmas day and the season in general is always fun stuff to play. The church has an 80's-era Allen electronic organ, with a large number of various stops and a good sound for its room. The church is in a semi-round, with musicians on one side of the altar. It's the second-largest parish in NY state, and even with two buildings and many masses each Sunday or festival day, the services are packed with people standing at the rear of the room. And the congregation sings, which is a great thing indeed.

Kath sent me a packet of music before we went to NY, so I arrived with the music and my organ shoes. Before I got the shoes out, Kath or Rick said something about how my old shoes were still there. I went in the back and looked, and the shoes I left there in 1991 were indeed still there. This is an organist's equivalent of "We'll leave the light on for you"; what a great feeling to be so welcomed there.

The shoes were a pair of Capezio tap shoes without taps, which is the kind of shoe organists used to buy to play organ before companies started making "organ" shoes. When I went to the city to buy a pair last time, they were out of black and had only white. I intended to dye them black but never got around to it, and people don't really see your feet when you play at this church.

Playing there was a blast, but it made me realize yet again how much I miss these people, that church, and that area in general.


You talk so much about playing the organ, I hope I can hear you play someday...

And about your old shoes... I'm glad you didn't leave your lunch back there, because that wouldn't be pleasant to return to.

Posted by: Ed at January 3, 2004 1:23 PM

I'll be glad to play for you sometime -- I still have keys to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Posted by: rkc at January 4, 2004 8:35 AM