minutia press.
::laughs maniacally::

I've noticed a dramatic drop (a downright dearth) of posts on students' blogs lately. And I know why.

What's the matter? A little busy, hmmmm? Mu hahahahaha!

It's a little-known secret that profs give out end-of-term assignments like a nuclear bomb gives out radiation, like a jikes compiler gives out bytecodes, like Doug Schmidt generates publications, so that we can take over standard student hangouts because you're too soggy and dazed from work to care.


Try if you dare to come to the AC and find the Deans shooting hoops. Witness the full-scale assault on the racquetball courts, and we don't even need to make a reservation. The swimming pool is turned into a beach-like resort, with daquiris (in plastic cups of course) flowing like end-of-term papers. We show up in the Holmes cafeteria line without worry of a long line or a run on the ketchup glazed pork carvery or the marshmellow-oysters panini. It's our turn to deck out the bunny, and we hold an all-staff toga party in the Lopata gallery.

Ah, if only the students knew, they would ditch finals and join in the frenzy.


I'm on faculty at the U. of O., and I was foolish enough to take a class to "better myself." Now I have to miss out on all the fun. I'll just keep telling myself that studying the legacy of Turing and Church is much more exciting than pool-side daiquiris and one-on-one basketball with Dean Wormer. Maybe I'll finish my machine to compute the busy-beaver function before the final is due, and I can join in the party before it's too late. Maybe maybe...

Posted by: Chris at December 9, 2003 12:59 PM