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KoKo part two

Well we had our second dog training class. The insructor revealed her name to be "Pat" and the class began with "puppy play time". No, the puppies did not render Shakespeare's Othello for us. Instead, they were let loose to run and play with each other.

What did our KoKo do?

She ran from human lap to human lap, and pretty much ignored the dogs. Of course, each lap welcomed her with scratching and petting, so she probably thought she had the better part of the deal.

But our instructor (let's call her "Pat") was not satisfied with KoKo's level of socialization with the other dogs. So for the first part of the class, the other dogs were kept on leash while KoKo got to roam around freely, playing with various toys and building up her confidence to approach the other dogs safely on their leashes.

She came out of her shell a little, but still preferred to hang out with people.