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Digital SLR cameras?

Following on the Great RV Trip (and the Great RV Trip Too is now in the works), I have become a fan of digital photography. Why not combine two things I like (computers and cameras) and add the instant gratification of viewing the pictures just taken?

I've been looking to upgrade from my current camera (a low-end Kodak something or other) to a camera with an optical viewfinder that shows you just what you would get in the picture. The resulting camera would resemble my old SLR (single lens reflex) with digital image capture. SLR cameras use just one lens both to view and capture the picture. This is accomplished by a mirror that flips up at the right moment (when you press the button) so that the film sees exactly what you see.

I've been surprised by the lack of SLR digital cameras. Canon makes a very high end camera with lots of pixels but it's close to $1K. Does anybody know of cheaper solutions?


There are some cameras on the market now that resemble SLRs, but use a small LCD set inside a viewfinder instead of a mirror/prism system. You also lose the ability to change lenses. I've seen one under the Fuji brand name.

My belief is that most manufacturers are charging so much for digital SLRs not because they are costly to make, but because they can charge so much for them.

Posted by: Chris at December 8, 2003 11:06 AM