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Carmine's and Little Italy

If you get the chance and have enough people with you, I highly recommend you dine at Carmine's restaurant. There are two locations I know: one off Times Square (44th Street I think) and one on Broadway near West 90th. We went to the latter location, fearing the former one to be mobbed.

We went at 3:30 and got table right away, but by 5 PM when we left, there was a considerable line and wait for tables. If the prices look high it's because each dish is enough to feed 4 people. We ordered a plate of spaghetti in maranara sauce, and I'm pretty sure it was 2 pounds of pasta. The food is very good and the service excellent.

We ate in Little Italy two nights before this, and the food there was great too. I don't remember the restaurant's name, but it's one of many on Mulberry and I've never had a bad meal yet there. Afterwards, we stopped by Ferrara's to get some pastry for dessert. They make my favorite: a sfogliatella which is a shell-shaped pastry stuffed wtih riccota cheese and candied fruit. I have yet to find it here in St Louis. The bakeries on the Hill know what it is but don't make it.


I'm amazed you found time to do anything in between all of this eating!

Posted by: Ed at December 30, 2003 7:45 PM