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Bette Midler

Last night we went to see Bette Midler in concert at Savvis Center. I found some really great tickets on the Internet, so we sat in the 11th row, and the place appeared to be sold out. I'm not much of a Bette Midler fan, but my wife is, so this was an early birthday present for her.

Bette caught us up on what she's been doing, most of which was news to me. Her TV show was cancelled (I never saw it, and didn't know she had one), and she's a little bitter about that evidently. I guess people were tellilng her she should retire, because her monologue at the beginning concerned the fact that they can't make her retire. I wasn't among those saying she should retire, so I didn't take it too personally. I liked her in that movie with Danny DeVito Ruthless People so I hope she'll do more movies like that.

Bette alluded several times to her age, and for her alleged age she is in great shape and still has an amazing voice, especially her control of pitch.

She did that usual entertainer thing of pretending she knows St Louis so well, addressing almost each of the 105 suburbs individually. When she got to Ladue she wishes its ladies "a happy chanukah".

She, like Cher, has quite a gay following, so the crowd was more into singing and dancing than the crowds I've seen before at Savvis at Blues games. The show also had less fighting and the fans consumed less beer than at Blues games, and the Blues perform an encore only if the score is tied, not if they've done really well.


I'm sure the show would've been 100x more entertaining if it had been on ice... and to spice it up, Bette could've been trying to avoid getting checked by the Blues hockey players at the same time.

Posted by: Ed at December 17, 2003 4:28 AM

So true, though my money's on Bette winning a fight.

Posted by: rkc at December 17, 2003 6:42 AM