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Thanksgiving meditation

Surrounded by the love of our friends and family, beckoned by food raised from our good Earth and prepared with care for this table, dwelling in a country that places no limit on soul or spirit, we are aware especially now of where our thanks is due. May this Thanksgiving press us into action, so that none shall be lonely, or hungry, or oppressed. May we never lose our pilgrim spirit as we cross the frontier to share with others, to provide for those in need, and to help those who seek freedom. And as we look from this Thanksgiving to the next, may we all enjoy good health, prosperity, and enlightenment. Amen


What an absolutely lovely thing. Thank you so much for sharing this with your friends in the cyberworld, who count Minutia Press among the things for which they are grateful.

Posted by: Elaine at November 29, 2003 7:17 AM